principia multibody simulation App for Onshape

The true cloud-native App for design validation.

Functionality checking

Verify system functionality, identify issues, and make necessary design modifications before physical prototyping.

Scaling parts and machine elements

Optimize component performance by evaluating the effects of scaling parameters on system behavior.

Load generation for investigations

Simulate real-world scenarios, analyze stress distribution, deformation, and performance under different loads.

Latest Case Study

Saving Production Costs

This Use Case highlights the application of Motion Analysis for optimizing product development. Learn how Austrian metal 3D printer manufacturer Incus GmbH obtains high production cost savings through using Mutlibody Dynamics Simulation software principia MBS.


Incus faced difficulties in the correct dimensioning of critical components in their newly developed metal 3D printer.


Incus implemented principia MBS in its product development process to make sound design decisions through motion analysis.


Simulation results were used for exact calculation and design of the critical components. Significant material and cost savings were achieved.

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principia Technology

Work seamlessly

Stay within your CAD environment

Stay in your work environment and create simulations whose results and settings can be reviewed and shared at any time.

Avoid redundancies

Save time setting up simulations

Accelerate your design validation process and save up to 75% of your time, enabling faster and more thorough decisions and design iterations.

Deliver faster

Harness the power of cloud computation

Highly efficient cloud-based numerical solvers shorten your waiting times with virtually unlimited computing power.

I am impressed by the simplicity of Principia’s solution. At Knoche Maschinenbau we develop and produce agricultural machinery products, often facing the problem that we do not know attacking loads during development. With Principia MBS, we have the possibility to determine these loads virtually in advance.

Jörg Knoche

KNOCHE Maschinenbau

Owner & CEO

I have demoed just about every option out there for simulation and yours is absolutely the best simulation system I have found. It was so intuitive and easy to use. Great interface. Just the right amount of complexity. All of the bodies and constraints worked seamlessly and adding forces and sensors was a breeze.

Matt Shields


Education Program Principal

We use Principia MBS for dimensioning drive components and for determining ideal motion trajectories. What I like about Principia is the seamless integration into our CAD system Onshape and the possibility to analyze all quantities, cutting forces, values of force elements, and so on in the post-processing.

Manuel Grubhofer

Incus GmbH

Head of R&D Engineeering

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