Who we are?

The true cloud-native app for design validation: Your multi-body simulation solution for Onshape that bridges the gap between Onshape Assembly and Onshape Simulation.

The Problem

Many engineers we worked with have identified inefficient design validation processes due to missing or overly complex tools. This results in extended testing cycles, and increased production costs.

The Solution

We help our customers speed up the design validation process and save up to 75% of their time by removing manual work, which reduces high production costs and enables faster and more thorough decisions and design iterations.

Your Benefits

  • Modern web-based UI for easy simulation setup and result analysis.
  • Enables collaboration and remote work on any device.
  • CAD-simulation model synchronization ensures consistency and accuracy.
  • Bidirectional data flow allows efficient iteration between design and analysis.
  • Simulation archive facilitates version control, result comparison and informed decision-making.
  • Reduces the need for physical prototypes, saving time, resources and money.